Purpose– This paper seeks to integrate stakeholder theory with the entrepreneurial orientation literature to explore relationships between distinct entrepreneurial behaviors and support from stakeholders with divergent interests.

Design/methodology/approach– A longitudinal study in the non-profit professional theatre industry examines how relationships between entrepreneurial orientation and stakeholder support exolve over time. A series of regression analyses examine how support from diverse stakeholders influences entrepreneurial behaviors and, subsequently, how those entrepreneurial behaviors influence future stakeholder support.

Findings– The findinsg support a multi-dimensional conceptualization of entrepreneurial orientation, point to tensions inherent in satisfying multiple stakeholder demands, and illustrate that differnt stakeholders support entrepreneurial behavior in unique and sometimes unexpected ways. The findings offer insight into the compex balancing act that entrepreneurial managers must execute to generate support from distinct stakeholder markets.

Originality/Value: This research provides researchers and managers with unique insights into the evolutionary nature of the relationships between distinct entrepreneurial behaviors and external stakeholder support.


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