Lumpkin and Dess’s (1996) article linking entrepreneurial orientation with performance revealed a problem with the Academy of Management as we approach the end of the millennium-its state of fragmentation. It has become all but impossible to keep up with the research, even in areas in which one has an interest. The era of the searchable database has made this condition, if anything, worse rather than better, because one must have the correct keyword to search upon, or the search engine re- turns nothing.

Had Lumpkin and Dess searched the marketing literature for entrepreneurial orientation and performance, they would have found little on the topic. However, had they searched for pioneering and pioneer advantage, they would have found plenty. And much of what they found would have had instant applicability to their article (and, in all fairness to them, vice versa-marketing in the fin de siecle academy is no more immune from the problems of fragmentation than any other discipline).


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